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duties of a student composition


Introduction :

The period which we spend in schools and college to receive education is called student life. Student life is the best time of our life.

Training period :

The future of a man depends on his student life. It is called the seed time of life. He should prepare himself for the battle of life.

Primary duty :

Study is the main duty of a student. He should go to the school and read text books regularly. He must study from the beginning of the session. He will prepare his lesson regularly. He will make notes himself. He must not depend on his tutors in all matters. He should abide by the rules of discipline. He should make proper use of time. He must not put off his lessons for tomorrow.

পাওয়ার অব লেস বই রিভিউ
পাওয়ার অব লেস বই রিভিউ

Co-curricular activities :

The students should take part in co-curricular activities. During his leisure period a student should read newspapers and magazines. It will increase his general knowledge. He must know what is happening in the world. If he does not acquire a knowledge properly, he will have to suffer in the long run. He should take part in games and sports to build sound health.

Duty to parents superiors:

A student must be obedient to his teachers, parents and superiors. He must learn to be polite to his superiors. He must carry out the advice and order of his parents. He should also help his parents to do small household works.

Duty to society:

Students are the future of the nation. They should be aware of the social and other problems of the country. They should take part in social service. They have a role to eradicate illiteracy. During long vacation they can start night schools to teach the illiterate people. During flood and cyclone the students must stand by the affected people. They can collect relief materials and distribute medicine, food and cloth to the affected people. They can raise public awareness about tree plantation, population growth, dowry system, early marriage and environmental pollution.


Student life is the time of learning. It is the time to prepare ourselves for future life. The students should keep away from evil company.


There is no limitation of time for acquiring knowledge. But student life is a part of whole life.The time of studies in any schooks and colleges is called student life. It is most important part of human life. It is the basie time of building of life.

In short word it is the preparation time of life A student shouatd get enough quality in student life. Withou quality a student cannot success for füture. To acquire knowledge a studen should do enough duties and responsibilities. Study is the first duty of a student. They should learn their lessons regularly. They should also go their school regularly. They should obey the rules of the school.

They should also obey the orders and advices of their teacher. He should be attentive in his studý. The students should not make a noise in the class, Every student should obey the orders and advices of their parents.They should help their parents in their work. In the old age of their parents they should serve at them very much.

Student life is the main time of body building. He should take physical exercise regularly. Students should obey the rules of health. They should build up their body. Without good health a student will not be able to do any work for himself. To protect his health, he must avoid smoking.

A student should make a good character in student life. An educated man who is characterless is not a respectable man. He is always neglected by all. A man of honesy character is an asset to our country. A Student should learn discipline for the next life. A student should not be terrorist. He should not be use for”the interest of poľitical leader.

He should not misuse time. He should not touch any drug 0f wine or any illegal arms. Student should be a patriot. He should love his motherland an its people.

He should be religious. He should not join in any forbidden political organization. He should be a social worker. He should give social service to the poor and the old man. He should start the rescue work at the time natural calamity.

A student can never be a social or political criminal. He should not be terrorist militant,or bomber or the member of the name of religion or politics. Suicide A student should be a pious man. He cannot be communal in life. He should get the teaching of humanity and communal harmony. He should get the ethical and moral education. Killing of a man is a sin of Life .

So he should not kill any innocent people man or woman. Student should acquired knowledge skill and experience. To get them they should learn information technology.
To get more and modern information technology a student should always use his own face book,lap-top and Internet connection. They should read enough books, writing’s and the daily newspaper. They have got enough duties to his own family, society and country.

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