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How to Buy Second Hand Mobile Online

What to do to buy an old mobile
If you want to buy a good quality smart phone, you need at least 100-200 dollars. But if you go to buy an old phone, you will see that you can buy an old phone of very good quality within 60-100 dollars. You can buy the old phone by looking at it and you will win if you buy the phone. If you keep in mind 10 things when buying an old phone, you will benefit from buying the phone. The following are mentioned:

Guides: how to buy second hand mobile online

1. Phone hardware:

The hardest thing to do before buying an old phone is hardware. If the hardware of the phone is weak then you will not buy the phone. If you check the performance of the phone, you can understand whether the hardware of the phone is strong or not.

2. Phone body:

Make sure that the body of the phone you are buying has scotch on it. And check if there is any crack in the body like Bhangachora. Because if you buy a phone, but it does not look good from the outside, then the phone will be in vain. As the saying goes, first the philosopher, then the judge.

3. Choose a phone with at least 2 GB RAM :

The old phone that you will buy is less than 2 GB. If you have 2 GB of RAM, even if you use more apps together, there will be no problem with the phone, and if you use multiple tabs together while browsing the internet, there will be no problem. If the RAM of the phone is high, you can do anything fast with the phone and you will get better performance of the phone.

4. Check the battery of the phone:

Just as a phone must look good and the phone’s hardware performance must be good, so must the phone’s battery performance. Bought a good quality phone but the battery is charged for 1 hour, then this phone has no value. Before buying an old phone, check the battery performance of the phone by running the internet for an hour with a net connection.
Check if the phone has a battery removal system, always buy a phone with a removal system. Also the battery is swollen but take a look at it.

5. Check the touchscreen of the phone:

Before buying an old phone, make sure that the touchscreen is working properly. Check to see if the phone’s touchpad is working properly using the entire phone’s touchpad. Many times due to fluid entering the phone, the touchpad of the phone does not work properly or it is seen that if you click in one place, you will click in another place. That means responding incorrectly. If you respond incorrectly or if the touch panel is working slowly, it is better not to take that phone.

6. Check the IMEI number:

IMEI number means International Equipment Identity. This IMEI number carries the identity of any phone. The IMEI number can be used to know whether the phone is a clone or a reconditioned phone. To know IMEI, dial * # 06 # on the phone, then you will see IMEI number 2. IMEI number is 15 digits.

7. Check the camera of the phone:

There are many phones whose camera is very good in the new condition, but after a few days or a few months the camera performance becomes much worse. Or the image gets blurred when you take the camera with the phone due to light dust entering the camera of the phone. So take a good look at whether the phone’s camera is OK.

8. Whether the phone is cloned or reconditioned

Before buying an old phone, make sure that your hobby phone is a clone or reconditioned phone. Most of the expensive phones are cloned or reconditioned phones. I think it is very easy to understand if you take a good look at the performance of the phone to verify the clone phone or the original phone. Although the clone phones look like the original, if you try to take pictures with this phone, you will see that the camera is not clear, the touch panel of the phone is working slow, the heavy apps are not running well, that is, you can understand the performance. Also check the IMEI number of the phone to know where the phone came from and whether it is a recondition or a clone.

9. Understand phone documents:

Before buying an old phone, ask the seller if you have any prior paperwork. It would be better for you not to take a phone without the phone’s paperwork. If you don’t have the documents, the phone may be a stolen phone, which is why the real owner of the phone must try to find his phone, and if he finds out that your location means you have the phone, then you have to go to jail. So it is important to be careful in advance.

10. Continue for a while before buying the phone

The phone you are buying may have a problem. The question is, if not, why the owner of the phone can sell the phone? So check the phone well in hand, keep going. Then if you see no problem, you can only buy the phone.

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