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How to Convert Float to Int in a Pandas DataFrame [All Method]️

Are you looking for an easy guide on How to Convert Float to Int in a Pandas DataFrame. What should you do if you come across a code error! Let’s get started on fixing it.
Question: What is the best solution for this problem? Answer: This blog code can help you solve errors How to Convert Float to Int in a Pandas DataFrame. Question: What is causing this error and what can be done to fix it? Answer: Check out this blog for a solution to your problem.

How can we cast a float to an int in a Pandas DataFrame column?

Cast with astype()

We can use astype() to cast a Pandas object to a specified data type.

Suppose we have a column col that is of type float. We want to convert that to an int type.

We can do this like so.

df['col'] = df['col'].astype(int)

Handle null values

The above approach will lead to an error if there are any missing or null values.

ValueError: Cannot convert NA to integer

In these cases, we’ll have to fill in the missing values. Let’s default any missing values to 0.0.

df['col'] = df['col'].fillna(0.0).astype(int)

Revise the code and make it more robust with proper test case and check an error there before implementing into a production environment.
If you have any questions or get stuck, please dont hesitate to reach out to me for help.

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