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How to Get a Free Domain for One Year with NameCheap [All Method]️

Are you looking for an easy guide on How to Get a Free Domain for One Year with NameCheap. By the end of this guide, you will know how to handle these types of problems.
Question: What is the best way to approach this problem? Answer: Check out this blog code to learn how to fix errors How to Get a Free Domain for One Year with NameCheap. Question: What are the reasons for this code mistake and how can it be fixed? Answer: You can find a solution by following the advice in this blog.

NameCheap has partnered up with Codecademy, and they are offering one free year of domain name registration.

This is a part of a course created by Codecademy, so be sure to check out the course or other available tutorials to learn how to set up NameCheap to point to your web host.

From the course:

A domain can be selected and purchased for one-year’s usage — which is standard practice among Domain Name Registrars. Once purchased, a domain name needs to be renewed on an annual basis. In partnership with Codecademy, the web hosting service Namecheap is offering one free year of a domain name registration of your choice (with some exceptions)!

The available extensions are: .me, .site, .club, .live, .online, .tech, .website, .store, .media, .world, .life, .today, .rocks, .ninja, .company, .digital, .world, and .academy.

Head over to codecademy.namecheap.com to get your free domain.

Be sure to confirm information regarding auto-renewals after a year to avoid getting charged for a domain you may end up forgetting about.

Revise the code and make it more robust with proper test case and check an error there before implementing into a production environment.
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