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How to Sort a List of Tuples Based on Multiple Elements [All Method]️

The step-by-step guide on this page will show you How to Sort a List of Tuples Based on Multiple Elements. Error found! Why this could be happening? know and Learn everything.
Question: What is the best solution for this problem? Answer: This blog code can help you solve errors How to Sort a List of Tuples Based on Multiple Elements. Question: What are the reasons for this code mistake and how can it be fixed? Answer: You can find a solution by following the advice in this blog.

Suppose we have a list of tuples that we want to sort with multiple conditions.

lst_of_tuples = [(4, 5), (2, 15), (3, 10), (1, 5)]

Suppose we want to sort based on the second element in the tuple, then the first. This means that when the second element in the tuple is the same, we want to resort to comparing the first element.

In the scenario above, we would first sort by the second element: 5, 5, 10, 15.

We have two 5s, so we will then sort those two tuples by the first element: 1, 4.

sorted_lst_of_tuples = [(1, 5), (4, 5), (3, 10), (2, 15)]

To do this, we can use the key parameter in sorted(). We can specify the priority of the sorting element by returning a tuple containing the sort order.

sorted_lst_of_tuples = sorted(lst_of_tuples, key=lambda x: (x[1], x[0]))

x represents each list element. In our case, a single tuple.

x[1] represents the second element in the tuple while x[0] represents the first element.

Revise the code and make it more robust with proper test case and check an error there before implementing into a production environment.
If you have any questions or get stuck, please dont hesitate to reach out to me for help.

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