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How to write a CV for internship with no experience

When you have no work experience, your CV is your first impression in the recruitment process and your opportunity to display what makes you an ideal candidate. Highlighting all aspects of your educational background as well as the skills that make you applicable for the industry you’re looking to transition into is crucial. By using this guide, you’ll be able to produce a well-structured CV that will assist you in obtaining your dream career.

If you‘re looking to land your first job, your CV needs to impress employers, even if you have little or no work experience. With the right structure and approach, anyone can write an interviewwinning CV. This detailed guide, which includes a CV example, will show you how to write a CV with no experience that will still impress recruiters and take you one step closer to landing that first job.

Essential skills for your CV:

The skills I have obtained throughout my experience in education, placements and extracurricular activities have helped me develop into a wellrounded individual, capable of working in a variety of environments. My communication skills have been honed through years of dealing with different types of people, from professors and teachers to customers and colleagues. I am able to adapt my communication style to suit the needs of those I am speaking to, making sure that the message is always clear. My organisational skills have been put to the test throughout my studies, as I have had to juggle a heavy workload with various extracurricular commitments. This has taught me how to manage my time efficiently and prioritise tasks in order to meet deadlines. I have also developed strong team work skills through my involvement in various extracurricular activities. I have learnt how to work with others towards a common goal, and how to overcome obstacles as a team. This is an essential skill that I can bring to the workplace. Lastly, my passion and commitment towards my chosen career path have been evident through my dedication to my studies and extracurricular activities. I am driven to succeed, and I always put the needs of my customers first.

How to write a CV for internship with no experience (Explain everything):

CV examples for students with no experience

When you have no experience, your hobbies could help boost your application. Emphasise involvement in any clubs or teams, describing the contribution you had and providing any result driven examples. This will help to document your transferable skills gained within them. When it comes to impressing potential employers, having hobbies that show off your skills and abilities can be a great way to do just that. Some impressive hobbies that would look great on your CV include being part of a sports team, being a member of a club (book club, chess club), writing a blog, building models or machines, running a marathon, or taking part in school schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Any of these hobbies can show potential employers that you‘re dedicated, passionate, and good at what you do, so make sure to list them prominently on your CV.

CV with no experience example:

CV examples for students with no experience

CV structure & format:

Writing a CV with no experience

CV contact details:

CV contact details

CV profile:

CV profile

Core skills & achievement section:

Core skills


Junior CV

Structuring your roles:

Role descriptions

example of a cv for a student in university pdf download:

PDF link

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