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Kedarkantha Trekking, Uttarakhand, India
Kedarkantha is a great option for those who are thinking of first snow trekking in life. It was the same for everyone in our group.
I was already listening to the beauty of Kedarkantha. White snow, blue skies and minus range temperatures – it’s a thrilling situation. And the millions of stars in the clear night sky will be your companions so much that it will seem as if they are for you, looking at you. The whole trek is full of beauty for you.
I am more and more fascinated every time I see Kedarkantha with 12500 feet height. The words of ice-blue are still floating in my eyes. Thousands of stars in the night sky and minus 8/10 degree temperature and coffee in hand, just think ?!
How to get there: (For a budget tour) You have to catch a train from Kolkata to Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. It will take about 30 hours. That means you will get on the train from Kolkata at night and reach Dehradun in the morning the next day.
You have to go to Sankri from Dehradun. There is only one bus from Dehradun to Sankri at 8 am. This road to Sankri is very beautiful. The Sankri Village is almost 2000 meters above sea level. From above, you will be really thrilled when you see the river / house below the mountain. It will take 8/9 hours to reach Sankri. That means you reached Sankri that night. You will start the trek from the next day. After reaching Sankri, rent a hotel / cottage. We were in the cottage because affordable! You can rent the next day’s trekking equipment from the cottage. Guides, porters / mules can also be found by talking to the owner of the cottage.
Day 1 of the trek: Kedarkantha is about 9 km from Sankri. The whole road is covered with snow. Many people do this trek in 3/4 days. However, we have completed in 2 days. In that case we have to cover 6 km on the 1st day. Up to, i.e. up to basecamp. I had breakfast in the cottage in the morning and went out. Talking to the owner of the cottage, I went out with the guide, tent, suit, stick, waterproof shoes, mattress, sleeping bag and everything else I needed. I took bread and vegetables from the cottage for lunch and dinner that night. 4 km to base camp. Among them is the location of Lake “Juda Ka Talaab”. The beauty of the lake is very captivating. All the water in the lake has turned to ice!
We had to cross the lake to get to the base camp. Thus the first snow trek of life is all steep and wet slopes above it. I reached the base camp at 4 pm. It took about 6 hours! Arriving at base camp, I prepared the

tent, had a light breakfast, and spent time watching the sunset. After eating and drinking in the evening, I enjoyed the sky a little and fell asleep quickly, so the trek will start again in the morning. Lots of cold at basecamp at night. Almost like minus 10 degrees! There are so many suits in the sleeping bag, it is like freezing in the cold even after the sweater.
Day 2 of the trek: 4 am. After picking up our guide, we started the trek at 4:30. Walking through the hard ice with a flashlight in one hand and a stick in the other. 3 km It seemed that it would be quite easy to get to the summit because Allready had already covered 6 km. I am crossing quite well. But this 3 km. What a thing! 😲 So many big slopes and so many distances. Time and time again it seemed that I had just left, but where is it ?! Allready 2 of our group have started breathing difficulties, they somehow managed to use four hands, with the help of inhaler, finally got a chance to see the summit!
While backing from the summit, I went straight to Sankri’s cottage through base camp. The whole 9 km. It took about 6 hours to get down. The whole path can be descended quite nicely by eating the slides
The food for the second day was chocolate, biscuits, nuts, fruits, dates and some dry food which I had already packed in my bag.
Cost: (in rupees)
Kolkata-Dehradun (Dun Express) 1400 / person
Dehradun – Sankri 330 / person
Cottage rent (including dinner) – 450 / person

  • Instruments
    Shoes – 100 / day
    Jacket-50 / day
    Sleeping bag-200 / day
    Tent-1200 / day
    Mattress -150 / day
    Guide-700 / day
    Stick – 20 / day
    Camp Entry – 600
    Sankri back again after renting a cottage (including dinner) – 450 / person
    Sankri-Dehradun 350 / person
    Dehradun-Kolkata 1400 / person
    Therefore, you can do this trek quite well for 10 thousand rupees per person.
  1. Cut Kolkata-Dehradun ticket in advance, there is no foreign quota that you can go and buy a ticket. We had to stay in Kolkata for two days as we did not get tickets and it cost more money.
  2. There is only one bus from Dehradun to Sankri and it is at 8 in the morning. It needs to be taken care of. Of course if you miss it you can get on Mori’s bus then go to Sankri from there. Sankri is 23 km from Mori.
  3. If you have trouble breathing at someone’s height, you can take an inhaler in advance
  4. The best time to do this trek is November-May, then there is no snow.
    Thanks for reading such a long post, hope you see all the pictures.
    And yes, when you go for a walk, you must not leave your used leftovers, always try to keep the beautiful environment more beautiful. Thanks

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