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Sikkim Tourism Guidelines : sikkim travel guidelines covid-19

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places in India. Tourists visiting Sikkim are always amazed by the pristine beauty and rich culture. The Government of Sikkim has created a tourism guideline to help tourists explore this wonderful place with ease and convenience. This blog post will provide an overview of the sikkim travel guidelines for you to read before your next visit to Sikkim!
This article provides an introduction on how to make travel arrangements, what essentials to carry while travelling, where to find accommodation in Sikkim, what documents are needed when entering or exiting from India or Nepal and much more!

Sikkim Travelogue:

First of all, many thanks to TOB(tourism group). Because without TOB, I might not have got such a tour. And throughout the trip, I never felt like I was on a tour with a stranger.
I have been counting the days since I opened Sikkim. Finally that day came January 13th.
The journey starts from Dhaka Kalyanpur at 9:30 pm on Shyamoli Paribahan.
Our port on visa was Phulbari in India. And it is better to say that those who go to Darjeeling or Sikkim, it is better to take Phulbari port on their visa because Siliguri is only 10 km. From the border. And Siliguri is 64 km from Changrabandha border. And if you want to go to Sikkim or Darjeeling, you have to come to Siliguri.

Day 1:
We crossed the border and reached Siliguri at around 1 am. Another group of us joined us in Changrabandha. We were a total of 6 people which is ideal for Sikkim travel. I rented a car from Siliguri Junction Junction to Mahindra Bolero for Rs. 2300 to Gangtok. Everyone is trying their best to get out of the car. Later I got a sense of what would happen if Mahindra Balero took the car. Those who sit in the back seat must be blind. And one of our tour guides on the whole tour somehow got a chance on the second row of the car. I went deeper and no more.
However, on the way I got permission from Rangpo check post. There was a good crowd of foreigners in Rangpo that day. And the driver of our car understood the opportunity and asked for a waiting charge of 300 rupees. If the fortune is evil!
Anyway, I reached Gangtok around 8 pm. One of our tours on MG Marg Road was picked up by the broker to take the hotel and I got up at Hotel Bayul mainly for his welfare. 1000 rupees per night three person in one room. I stayed in Sikkim for a total of six days. I got the best budget hotel and the best service in such a beautiful location.

Day 2:
I had fixed the car the night before and the next day the Toyota Innova which is known as the Luxurious Car of Gangtok for Gangtok site seeing. 3200 rupees will show 10 points. Tourists started laziness. The main reason is night duty on the phone. I started the journey around 12 noon. However, it is better to leave at 8 in the morning because all the spots are closed by 4 in the afternoon. Sightseeing will include Hanuman Talk, a few monasteries, ropeways, museums, Tassi View Point, Banjhakari Waterfall, etc. I could not get on the ropeway because of the government closure that day. I woke up the other day.
On the same day, I inquired whether I would be able to go to Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim. I bought a North Sikkim package from a travel agent found in Toby Kalyan for a total of Rs. There was a Toyota Xylo / Innova, a luxurious car from Sikkim. I gave him 3 photocopies of visa, 1 photocopy of Sikkim permission, and 3 copies of passport site photo the next day for North Sikkim’s permission. And yes, don’t forget to keep at least 10 copies with you. Altitude Tours and Travels with Sikkim Tourist Information Center on MG Marg Road, Gangtok, their service is good. It is better to negotiate.

Day 3:
As usual, the tourists are talking about late night duty. However, the destination for the journey to North Sikkim is Lachung which is 129 km from Gangtok. It is advisable to leave by 8 am. There will be many waterfalls along the way and it is like seeing the beauty of the hills on both sides of the road. And yes, you will launch it at your own expense at your own expense. Do not accidentally press the agent’s neck. That mistake we made. I thought that it is not eaten in the package. Later I saw the bill was 1990 rupees. However, the food was very Bangladeshi taste. That’s why I didn’t mind paying the bill anymore.
Remember that 2 days 1 night package will have only 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and 1 lunch.
After the launch, the car continued to move for another 3 hours. The car stopped at the largest dam point of the Teesta at Chumthung. What a beautiful blue water color. Like watching. There is no shortage of water in their Teesta. There is great shortage of water in our Teesta.
At 6 o’clock in the evening, we reached the small town of Lachang, about 9,000 feet above sea level. We climbed the Hotel Frozen Valley. The temperature then -3. But the feeling is like -10. I have visited Manali in Kashmir before but have not found a weather variation like Sikkim. So it is safe to take adequate amount of medicine for cold, headache, vomiting.
It is better to take a heater in such a temperature room. Heater charge is 300 rupees separately. After dinner I fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up at three in the morning. Earthquake! Yes Sikkim is one of the earthquake prone areas. Small earthquakes like this often happen here. The Sikkimese eat it with dal rice.
After breakfast in the morning we left for Yumthang Valley. 25 km From Lachung. But after 10 km I could not go because of the extra snow on the road. And let me just say that there are no cars with wheels here, so you can’t go if you want. Tourist spots like this in Kashmir are cleared after the snowfall closes and snow-chained wheeled vehicles are available. But not here. Much like a remote area. Later we went to cut the driver with another 2500 rupees. That too is a place worth seeing. Just snow and snow all around.
It is worth mentioning that the chances of reaching Yumthang Valley are very low at this time. So it is better to take Lachen’s package without coming to Lachung. You can go up to Chopta Valley. And you will find snow everywhere in Lachen. But travel agents will never say that Yumthang Valley is closed. On the same day, at 8 o’clock in the night, Gangtok came to come.

Day 4:
Back from North Sikkim we were very tired so we rested in Gangtok and covered the ropeway this day. On the same day we managed the permission of Changu Lake to go the next day. The Sangu Lake package cost 4500 rupees. Toyota Innova like cars.

Day 5:
At 9 am we set off for Changu Lake at 12,400 feet. Weather says there will be snowfall. But I don’t know whether the fear is working in my mind or not. Anyway the car stopped after an hour and a half. Cars are slipping on the road because of the snow. It’s jammed. More fear entered my mind. Nah, after being stuck for 1 hour, the car continued to move forward through the clouds. I reached the end but the driver gave me only 10 minutes. And the weather seems so smoky that the snowfall has just begun. The temperature was -2. But the feeling was like -10. If you want, you can ride a cable car here. But that day was not really the situation to ride.
Not too late we quickly got in the car and headed for Gangtok. After getting a little ahead we got out of the car for a photo session. But here is the danger. One of our tourniques got sprained in the snow. Kauser’s brother is poor. At first I didn’t think anything had happened to him. Later we took him to the government hospital in Gangtok. How amiable! And the treatment is completely free. This facility is for the whole Sikkimese. X-rays, bandages did not cost a penny. We are perplexed to see that the doctor has given only 140 rupees worth of medicine. Then we remember how neglected the medical system of the country is.
Will be back the next day. I fixed the car at the taxi stand at the bottom of MG Marg and paid Rs 3,000 from Lakhendra Bhai’s Innova.

Day 6:
In the last few days, I have understood better why Gangtok is called the Bangkok of the poor. Tourists also agree. However, it took 3 and a half hours to leave Gangtok at 8 am and reach Siliguri. There were shopping plans but unfortunately all the markets in Siliguri were closed on Sunday. I was even more upset because 3 of us have to say goodbye to the tour from here. They will come to Bangladesh through Kolkata.
We cross the border at 4 am and return to Dhaka from Panchagarh to Hanif.

(sikkim covid guidelines for tourists 2021 Before) Cost statement:
The cost per head is 12000 rupees in 7 days.

Some important things (sikkim travel guidelines covid-19):
– Plan a Sikkim tour by watching the weather forecast. The best time to visit Sikkim is March, April, May, September, October, November.
– Adequate heavy jacket (padding jacket fiber made), hats, gloves, wool pamoza and thermal inner must be taken.
– It is safe to take adequate amount of medicine for cold, cough, headache, vomiting.
-If you have a habit of smoking, it is better to avoid high altitude.
– It is better to carry power bank, charger socket converter
-It is better to buy an Indian SIM card from Border. Vodafone’s network is the best in the whole of Sikkim. If you take a package of Rs 145, the whole trip will be covered.

Sikkim is a very clean and tidy state. Another thing is that plastic bottles cannot be carried in North Sikkim. Do not throw food scraps / dirt where it is and throw it in the dustbin. Smoking in public is strictly forbidden. Otherwise you have to count the fines. So it is better to be careful.
This is not the end. Another day I will write about food and how to visit Sikkim at low cost.

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