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Time Travel Paradoxes and Possibilities

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has led scientists around the world to think that time travel is possible. Although it is still limited to theory and science fiction! For the convenience of today’s discussion, time travel or time travel is possible (both past and future)!
If time travel is possible, then time travel will bring some complex questions in front of us! Which we know as time travel paradox!
Before that, to put it bluntly, a paradox is a kind of confusion, the answer to which cannot be known or cannot be known at the moment!

Today I wrote about some famous time travel paradox and possibilities!

Grandfather Paradox

Suppose you are not happy with your life. This life does not feel good anymore. You can’t even commit suicide again, think about what will happen to your family if you commit suicide.
So you thought, if you didn’t exist in this world, there would be no problem. So on a time travel machine you reached your grandfather’s childhood and killed him, so that your grandmother never married your grandfather, and your father was not born, so you will not be born again. The problem was solved, right?
But, if you are not born, you will not be able to kill your grandfather by time travel, which will result in your grandmother marrying your grandfather and your father will be born which will result in your birth too! Again you will kill your grandfather by time travel.

A confusing endless loop….

Did you feel dizzy? One of the paradoxes of Time Travel is the Grand Father Paradox.

Grandfather Paradox image
Grandfather Paradox image

Bootstrap paradox

Suppose you like Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s Pather Panchali very much, you want to hear his feelings about the book directly from the author. But he is not alive. So you took a time travel with a copy of the book and arrived in 1920 and appeared before the author. But the problem is, he didn’t write the book until then, so he had no knowledge of that book, so he said he didn’t write any book called Pather Panchali.
You couldn’t believe him and showed him the book he had written. The author wrote the exact book after seeing the book you showed and first published the book in 1929!
As a result, in the future you will be able to read the book and after reading the book you will want to meet the author and you will appear in front of the author with the book.
Now the question is what is the origin of the book?
The answer is that the book has no creativity that has never been written. Whose existence has started in the future and will end in the past so that the book can continue to exist in the future!
Sounds weird to hear ??

Bootstrap paradox
Bootstrap paradox

Predestination Paradox

One of the most popular paradoxes of time travel is the predestination paradox.
Suppose one day you missed your sweetheart so much that you called her and found out that she was coming to you by car. Speaking of which, your sweetheart has a road accident and she dies!
Since you loved your sweetheart so much, you break down a lot and think that if she hadn’t talked on the phone then maybe there wouldn’t have been an accident and your sweetheart wouldn’t have died either.
After 15 years of trying to change the past, you built a time traveling machine.
You travel the time to change the past and arrive on the day your loved one had an accident. You took a car and you were going through the road that caused the accident. To save your sweetheart fast you speed up your car which suddenly goes out of your control and you have an accident with another car!
You get out of the car and see that the car you had the accident with is not someone else’s car, it is your beloved’s car!
But your past will not know that you are responsible for your beloved’s accident! He will go in the future and make a time machine to change the past. But even if he wants to, he can’t change what has happened once in the past. No matter how hard you try to make it happen, it will only make it happen. This is the predestination paradox!
Which of the above paradoxes do you like best?

Predestination Paradox
Predestination Paradox

What do you think about time travel?

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