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How to Travel Istanbul during Covid-19 Quarantine Days

Istanbul is a city in Turkey. The city of Istanbul was once the capital of Turkey. But after World War I, the capital was relocated to Ankara after being besieged by the enemy. That is why the importance of the ancient capital Istanbul cannot be underestimated. Istanbul was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire and later the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul has the holy tombs of the influential Companions Abu Ayub Ansari and many others. Istanbul is one of the most attractive cities not only in Turkey but also in Asia. And the main attraction of Istanbul is the Bosphorus. Because, the murmur of water flowing in the Bosphorus system has connected Asia and Europe. Asia and Europe together are called Eurasia, whose dividing line is the Bosphorus Strait, which is located in Istanbul. That is why Istanbul is called a city of two continents.

Istanbul is a very well-planned city. The city shimmers in the daily sunlight. It looks like a dream world. On either side of the city are neatly arranged houses, buildings, and sometimes the magnificent ornamentation of trees, with the Bosphorus system in the middle. This is like a painting painted by an artist. The Bosphorus Strait that flows through Istanbul has an area of 32 km. The Black Sea to the north and the Sea of Marble to the south. The depth of the system is about 50 meters on average. The width is somewhere less, again somewhere more. Ships from Europe and the Vulcan used this route.

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and most traditional markets in Asia. There is a wonderful combination of ancient tradition and modern taste. A lively blend of the Asian way of life with the Arabic way of life. The bridge between Muslim culture and Western culture can be clearly felt here. Small shops are full of goods. What’s not here? Everything from gold-beads, gems-pearls to clothes-carpets, leather goods, bangles, skull thorns are here. Also the historical Hypodrome or Sultan Ahmed Square is one of the ancient traditions of Istanbul.

What to do for first time travelers in Istanbul:

After landing at the airport, go to the direction of writing Passport Control. Immigration is usually written on other airports abroad. Writing passport control at Istanbul airport.

Once the immigration is done, go straight through the green channel (meaning if you don’t have anything to inform the customs, go straight through the green channel without saying a word).

As soon as you go out, first go to the left. There are some phone company shops, here you can buy Vodafone if you want. 20 GB, 1 month, 200 minutes 230 lira in Turkey. Currently 5.75 lira is available inside the city for 1 US dollar. And you can use your Visa credit card effortlessly at the store. I endorse both EBL’s Lifestyle and Visa because it is dangerous to use or depend on a card. So it is better to keep a few cards outside the country, but if you keep all the cards together in the wallet, there is no benefit.

Even if you forget, no one will exchange dollars at the airport, you will get a lot less money. There are many ATM booths at the airport where you can use the card first.

Now when the SIM and money work is done, go down with the escalator and from there you can go to different places in the city.

Get down and work at the airport or ask a policeman (you must download the translator on your smart phone in advance and if you can remember some vocabulary, if you can memorize 1-10, it will be useful for you) Istanbul KartWhere to get.Look at some of the item booths below. The mixed color of black and yellow will make it look like a mobile shop or a card booth. Money there means you can make your own card with lira. With istanbul kart you can use it on bus, train, metro, ferry everything and even some public toilets.

Now where will you go when the card is? First of all, the more information you collect before the trip, the easier your trip will be. So as soon as the plane ticket is confirmed, start doing some homework, where to go and what to do.

T Taksim Square, Besiktas, Kabatas, Karakoy in Istanbul. besiktas, kabatas, karakoy These 3 areas have ferry terminals and bus terminals and these areas are on the European side. On the opposite side of Karakoy you will find the Eminonu Ferry Terminal where there are regular ferries from Besiktas, Kabatas.

Behind the Eminonu Ferry Terminal are the Topkapi Museum and Hagia Sophia. In front of Hajia Sophia is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly known as The Blue Mosque.

• Istanbul Kart can recharge at any bus, train, metro, ferry terminal. There is a video on Beyond Borders on my page about how to recharge Istanbul kart.

The cost of staying, eating and traveling around Istanbul:

If you are a solo traveler, I would highly recommend staying in a hostel. You can get a good hostel for a minimum of 9-dollars. Among them are Puffin Hostel, Besiktas, Istanbul.

If you have a habit of street food or cooking, you can cook and eat whatever you want in the hostel, you will find a market next door. And if you want to eat at a restaurant, it will cost 5-6 dollars / 25-35 lira at a fairly good restaurant. And you can eat durum on the street which you will get for 8-12 lira. Coca-Cola 200 ml 2 lira, cans 3-4 lira. Remember that the grocer will also want to keep more from you if given the opportunity. It is better to take it from somewhere of Supershop type.

Fares from Europe to Asia, from Asia to Europe only 1.95-2.56 lira, even by bus, train such fares are the highest. From the airport, the fare chart of Taksim, Besiktas, Caracay will get a maximum of 19 Lira at the bus stand of the airport. According to that, the first 100 lira means a little less than 20 dollars at a time if the card is good for you.

After all, it costs 30 per day to travel, although I have said at the outset that it is a matter of individual spending.

This time he started walking around in the name of Allah.

Visa for istanbul cost:

My official passport so there was no visa problem, please contact the best travel agency or the relevant embassy regarding visa matters.

istanbul travel suggestions (Some suggestions):

Take the help of local police in case of any problem. The police are very helpful. No matter where we go in the country or abroad, it is our responsibility to keep the environment clean and tidy. Then others will follow you. Remove dirty / empty bottles at designated places Keep the environment clean.

I hope you can spend the afternoon in Uskudur towards Asia. Have a nice trip everyone .

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