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Why Being a Single Mother is Hard

Being a single mother is hard, but it can be done. It requires strength and courage to face the world alone with your child in tow. You will have to take on more responsibility than you ever thought possible. There are many things that you cannot do as easily because of this, such as go out for lunch or dinner with friends each day. But there are also some nice perks about being a single parent like having extra time for yourself when you come home from work or school each day since your child is asleep most of the time anyways!

Being a single mother is hard. You have to be the rock for your child and it’s tough when you’re not feeling strong yourself. There are many reasons why being a single mom is difficult, but we’ll talk about three of them today: financial instability, social stigma and lack of support from family. Let’s start with the first one:
Financial instability :– Being a single parent means that you have to provide for your kid on only one income which may not always be enough depending on how much money you make or what expenses there are in your household like rent, utilities, gas for driving back and forth to work etc. If someone else can’t help out financially then it can put stress on both parties involved. It is hard being a single mother. You have to do it all and the pressure of trying to keep the house clean, feed your son, work on school projects, etc., can be overwhelming. I myself am a single mother with two sons who are in elementary school and high school. Everyday we are faced with challenges that seem impossible but there is always hope no matter what!

Here I will talk about a book written about a single mother. The name of the book is “Being A Single Mother”, The book shows how much trouble, misery and obstacles a single mother has to overcome. The book focuses on how a single mother raises her child and what it was like for her to become a professional.
In the book, author Siegel Mardas explains the many ways in which a mother, a mother, can have multiple reasons for being lonely. Literally “single mother” means unmarried mother. But in our society there is a different reality. A woman can be a widow after losing her husband, someone can be an abandoned husband. Someone may be lonely or alone despite having a husband due to incapacity or reluctance to perform their duties. The author’s mother divorced her child at the age of twenty-six. After that she has to deal with various complications with her child and their future.

In our society, the child of a single mother and the mother are not looked upon favorably. A single mother has to raise her child after overcoming many compulsions in this society, overcoming many hassles and fighting with many adversities. In this case our children are deprived of many things which cannot be met by a single mother. As a result, the mother suffers from a lot of personal inferiority. There are many complications in their lives.
As a result, in spite of having all kinds of teaching techniques and skills, such obstacles hinder the development of a woman’s talent step by step. Earnings and well-being become difficult. In the field, relatives and even parents do not extend the expected cooperation. Sometimes shrinks, sometimes rejects. The author did not know how to stop even after going down many pastures. He has seen the face of success after many struggles. The author of the book has made her own place on the corporate site of Bangladesh with her hard work and skills.

The author later started a study with her own life experience called “Hero’s Model (Coaching 2014)”. There she gathered the experiences of various single mothers. In the study, she asked some questions for single mothers. Question shots-
1. How is your experience of being a single mother in our society?
2. What problems does being a single mother make you hostile to the hardships of life?
3. What do you think can be done to solve these problems of single mothers?
4. In your opinion, what is the cause of all these obstacles and troubles?
5. Would you like to be involved in any activity that helps the welfare of disadvantaged women and their children?
6. What are the positive and negative aspects of single motherhood?
Here, in the case of some mothers, it has been seen that they are attempting suicide. Some mothers have committed suicide after killing their children. These obstacles have come up.
The study also looked at socio-cultural barriers, patriarchy and its changing perspectives, social security, personal adversity, family stress, time management, identity crises, loneliness, child loneliness, fear and shame, maternal health problems, etc. It also highlights the cost of education and career formation, the cost of self and child care, age barriers and the acquisition of quality degrees to prove competency.

Some of my favourite Suggestion about life:

  • 1. It is worth living for and having control over one’s self.
  • 2. A Sound Mind Gives a Sound Body, Who’s the Rot of All Success.
  • 3. Introspection or Self-Emerson Aicence the Inner Power.
  • 4. Religion and Spirituality and Vital for Stable Recovery.
  • 5. It is worth being a part of the solution but note of the problem.
  • 6. The Best Investment of Time Is Saving Others or Working for a Four That’s Give Manifold Reward with Proper Inner Pitch and Content.
  • 7. Balancing Time Balance Life.
  • 8. Saving for the Future Save in the Future.
  • 9. Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children _Douglas Williams.
  • 10. Prevention is better than cure.

If the outlook of our society was a little better then the way of life of girls like us would be much smoother. I myself am a Signal Mother, this book has inspired me a lot. I think this book should be read by every girl. In my opinion, there are many women in this society who are neglected, miserable, facing various realities and failing to lead a life. Besides, all men and women can read the book, I hope you will like it too.

As a single mother, I know that raising my son is not an easy task. As he grows and matures into adulthood, it becomes even more difficult to keep him happy. There are many things in life that I have to do for him and he has no idea how hard they can be sometimes. Raising a child as a single parent means you’re doing the work of two parents, which can often leave me feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on my plate. However, being his mother makes everything worth it – nothing feels better than when he smiles at me! Being a single mother can be difficult. You have to balance work, relationships and family life with few resources.

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