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childhood memories paragraph


Man is fond of turning back to the past. He often recollects the memories of the childhood days. I often remember the days of my childhood.

When I remember my childhood days, I feel happy. I was the youngest son of my parents.
So, All the members of our family loved me very dearly. They bought for me nice toys. My grand mother was very fond of me.
She told me many interesting stories. I was born in a village. The Padma flows by it.

I swam in the river with other boys. We used to bathe in the river many times a day.
The whole village was my playground. I wandered in the village and played with my friends.

The days of summer were the happiest days to us. We plucked mangoes and black berries from tree to tree.
I had a great fascination for picking green mangoes during storm. In the evening I played football and other village games.
My learning was not dull. My uncle taught all the children of our family in the morning and at night.

The Village Maktab was another interesting place for me. My first day at primary school was a new experience to me. My father took me to the school. The days of my school were very sweet. In the school we were afraid of our teachers. In the school we played different kinds of games. So the school was a great attraction for us.

On the religious festivals games were arranged and we took part in it. I still savour the memory of those childhood days. I cannot forget the date juice during the winter morning. Another interesting memory was village hat.

The hat used to sit twice in a week. I used to go to the market with my father. I used to buy sweets from the vendors.A fair was held in our locality on’ the month of Balshak.

We would go to the fair and witnessed circus and puppet show. All these memorles haunt me now. How happy I was at my childhood days. The happy memorles of those days still fill my heart with great joy. I wish I could have gone to those days again.


Everyman has a childhood. Childhood is most memorable time of a mans life. Everyman has childhood memosies.
Now I am a student of class seven. I have also some childhood memories.

Some memories are full of happiness and some are sorrowful. I live in the village of Sonapur. There is a government primary school in our village. There is a playground in front of primary school. It is by the side of our house.
I would play there with my friends.

I always remember my play ground. The ground is full of my childhood memories. There is a small canal by the side of our village. It is also another place of my memories. I would catch fishes in – the canal with my friends. We would devide fishes among ourselves.

I would also swim and jump into the water of the canal. I and some of any friends would eat mangoes, lichies, black berries and coconuts. We were expert to climb up the trees.
But one day I fell from a mango tree and broken my right hand. I was sent to the hospital and came round. My friends went to our house to see me. After breaking my hand they did not climb up the tree to get fruits. My first day of school is a memorable day in my life.

I was only six years old. At first day I came to school with my father. The day was very nice. The day was Saturday. At first I went to the headmaster’s room. At that time I was not upset.The headmaster asked me the name and address .I gave him correct answer .He wrote my name in the attendance book and then I went to class one in my primary school.

At first period I became cheerful to hear our national anthem.
It is a great memory of my childhood days. My last day of my primary school is also a memorable day in my life.

I passed the P.S.C examination. My father carried me to the school to collect me primary certificate for taking admission in class six.
I understood that it was the last day of my primary school.

Most of my friends came to school for taking primary certificate. At the last day of primary school we began to cry at the leaving moment of the school.

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